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Parallel development on different development environments/organizations

Topics: Continuous Integration, Development Environment Setup
Apr 13, 2015 at 2:42 PM
Hello all,

We are developing for one project on different environments. Each server has CRM installed with an organization configured.
The problem we are facing is:
  1. Developer 1: changes say custom entity TempEntitiy and adds a field fieldev1 to the entity in CRM on Dev1Machine and the local organization
    2: Developer 2: changes the same custom entity and adds a field fieldev2 on Dev2Machine and the local organization.
  2. Developer 1: extracts from CRM (Dev1Machine local organization) the solution TempBase (with the entity inside)
  3. Developer 1: The changes are checked in into TFS
  4. Developer 2: GetLatest Dev2Machine to get the latest version from TFS.
  5. Developer 2: extracts from CRm (Dev2Machine local organization) the solution TempBase.
  6. Developer 2: Checks in the changes.
  7. Then a pack is done from the latest version in TFS. This solution is imported on a organization on a test server to test both changes. The changes from Developer 1 are gone and overwritten by the changes done by developer 2 on his local machine.
We have the following questions:
  1. Is it possible to resolve the issue described above?
  2. What is the best way to manage deletes i.e. delete a field on a custom entity with the framework?
I hope somebody can help me out?


Stefan Verheggen
Jun 23, 2015 at 8:01 PM

Ideally this problem is addressed by having a process/communication where only one developer is making changes to an entity at a time.

If you can't achieve the above. Then you developer two has either to merge the changes with developer 1 work upon check-in (can be complicated and not fully supported) or somebody has to do the work in more than one place or manage the customisation in a central instance.